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In Mr. Hopps Playhouse the player will have to escape from the house where Ruby’s parents were murdered, trying to avoid meeting with the toy. In the game, his form is constantly changing, becoming more and more creepy. Sometimes it becomes less anthropomorphic, and more like a spider, a shadow, or just a giant head.

Mr. Hopps Playhouse

Mr. Hopps Playhouse is a two-part horror game. Available on PC, Android and iOS devices. In the game, the player has the opportunity to play as two protagonists: Ruby and her grandmother Esther. In the first part of the game, the player plays as Ruby, who was presented with a toy rabbit. At night, when the girl was going to sleep, the rabbit disappeared after which she found that her parents had a lot of blood in their room, and the parents themselves were nowhere to be found.

Now Ruby has to escape from a creepy rabbit that moves around the house and scares the girl. Also in the process, you can find six tapes in which Ruby’s dad, David, talks about what happened to the girl’s grandmother.

New Version or Continuation?

Mr. Hopps Playhouse 2 is a backstory that tells how Ruby’s grandmother got a rabbit. The game takes place in Blacklands Manor Orphanage in the middle of the 20th century. It all starts with Esther having nightmares, which also later continue to torment her at night.

The main character and her friends Molly and Isaac received the bunny, tiger and panda toys from the donation box brought by Miss Beverly who is the head matron in the orphanage.

Then strange things began to happen in the house. The girl’s toy constantly disappears and ends up in the most unpredictable places; large anthropomorphic toys and large black shadows are walking around the house; one of the girls called Dee also feels that something is wrong there.

During the game, Esther has the opportunity to learn about the creature called The Entity that controls Mr. Hopp, Mr. Stripes and Miss Bo and meet the mysterious ???. Also, Esther can find medallions and get them, in case of winning mini-games, in order to reach a good ending. Otherwise, the player is able to get a bad ending, as a result of which Ruby’s grandmother forgets about everything that happened to her and is the only survivor of all the children in the orphanage.

Further, it becomes known that Esther had a daughter, Jenna, who later gave birth to Ruby. From the cassettes that the player can find in the first part, it becomes clear that the grandmother began to feel bad, after which she went to the hospital. Shortly before her death, she gave her rabbit as a gift to her granddaughter. Then the events from the first part of the game begin to unfold.

Players’ Opinion about Mr. Hopps Playhouse

In general, the game was liked by horror fans and received positive reviews about the plot, screamers and style. So now the question is, will the third part or the point in the story of the toy bunny come out?