In Mr. Hopps Playhouse main characters can be roughly divided into children and evil creatures.

Little Toy Owners

Ruby appears in the first part as the main protagonist. She is the new owner of the rabbit, who received it from her grandmother Esther before her death. Her parents were killed after she received the bunny and tries to escape during the game.

Esther, whom Ruby likes to call Nana, is the main protagonist of the second part and Ruby’s grandmother. She lived in an orphanage with other children, where she received a creepy rabbit. In the process of passing the game, you can find out that the toys are controlled by the evil creature Entity.

Molly and Isaac are friends of Esther, who also received toys in the orphanage. Molly got a panda and Isaac got a tiger. After a quarrel, Molly disappears, and when the player starts looking for her, Isaac also disappears.

Dee is one of the girls in the orphanage. She warned Esther about the presence of something evil in the house. She is the form that IT has taken.

Toys and Who Controls Them

The Entity is the main antagonist of the whole game. The player can read more about it in the Blacklands Manor Orphanage when the player plays for Esther. It also demonstrates the ability to teleport, tremendous strength and speed, and can control toys, memories and dreams.

Mr. Hopp is the formal antagonist. He was controlled by the Entity. The rabbit is present in both the first and second parts. At first, it belonged to Nana, later to Ruby.

Tiger Mr. Stripes and panda Miss Bo are gifts for Molly and Isaac, who, along with the rabbit, are under the control of the evil creature.

IT is an ally of the Entity. Long before the story began, there was a girl who was burned alive after receiving a necklace The Six from Entity.

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