Hopps Playhouse Endings

There are several endings in the game in both the first and second parts of Mr. Hopps Playhouse. Based on the actions that the player has taken, certain events will occur at the end.

What Decision Will Ruby Make?

In the game Mr. Hopps Playhouse, when a player plays as Ruby, he/she can go to three different outcomes of events. In the first case, the girl simply goes back to her bedroom, thinking that this is all just a nightmare. Then a rabbit appears next to the bed and catches her.

Also, you can significantly change events and be less passive in the second case. Ruby will have to find a slingshot in her parents’ closet and shoot Mr. Hopps. After that, she is going to leave the house and the police will pick her up.

And in the last outcome of events in the game, Ruby has to find all of her dad’s tapes, as well as find gas for lighters in the kitchen, when she has just one tape, no more and no less. After that, she also needs to get a slingshot and shoot the rabbit. Then you need to set fire to the cloth in the living room, thereby starting a fire. Then Ruby goes outside and watches as her house burns down along with the rabbit. It is the true end of the game.

What Outcomes of Events Will Esther Have?

Esther has four options for how the game ends. In the first humorous case, she decides to do nothing and go with the flow.
Or she can simply escape from the orphanage before all the horror begins in the second case.

In the third one, if you do not collect all the medallions, then she will escape from the orphanage. Then Esther will find a rabbit and forget about everything that happened to her. In fact, she is the only survivor of all who was in the house.

At the true end of the game, she saves all of her friends and lives her life peacefully until at the end a toy appears behind her.

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