Horror Hopps Playhouse

Mr. Hopps Playhouse is an indie horror game. It is available for Windows and mobiles. Children are in the center of the events of the two parts.

Play With Your New Toy

In the first part of the game, the main character is Ruby, who received a toy rabbit Mr. Hopp from her grandmother, whose life is described in more detail in the second part of Mr. Hopps Playhouse.

The girl did not like the bunny because of its creepy appearance, but her father reassured her and left the rabbit in the room. After the light started flashing, the bunny disappeared from the room. The girl got scared and ran into the bedroom to her parents, but when she entered they were not there, and the whole bed was covered with blood.

Ruby decides to return to her bedroom but notices a giant anthropomorphic bunny that wanders through rooms and corridors to catch her.

Now the main character has to escape from the house, but not everything is so simple because the front door is locked. In order to escape from the house, she has to collect all the tapes in which her father talks about what happened to her grandmother Esther, and also how to find the slingshot to get rid of the rabbit.

The outcome of events in the game will be based on the actions of the player, so you need to act quickly and wisely. Either get caught by a rabbit, or leave the house with the police, or burn everything to the ground.

What Happened To Esther?

Ruby’s grandmother spent her childhood in an orphanage. Together with her friends Molly and Isaac, she receives toys from the charity.

This is where the first meeting with bunny Mr. Hopp, whom Esther took for herself, and tiger Mr. Stripes and panda Miss Bo, whom Isaac and Molly took for themselves.

Now, something strange is starting to happen at Blacklands Manor Orphanage. This is also noticed by one of the orphans named Dee. Toys wander the corridors, toy rabbit teleports around the house, while Esther continues to have nightmares.

Eventually, Ruby’s grandmother learns that not everything is as it seems at first glance. The evil creature The Entity controls the toys. His ally ??? also walks around the house, trying to lure the orphan into a trap in order to “play” with her.

There are four different outcomes of events in the game Mr. Hopps Playhouse, which occur depending on the decision that Esther makes.

Now it’s time to decide whether to save her friends and look for medallions to get rid of the evil creatures or run away alone, get scared and secretly leave the house before all the horrors begin, or just leave everything as it is?

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