The rabbit is the main antagonist in the game. He appears in the first and second parts.

Meeting Ruby

The first part of the game tells about the girl called Ruby, who received this rabbit as a gift from her grandmother Esther, shortly before her death. The toy begins to behave strangely, disappears and moves around the house.

In Mr. Hopps Playhouse the player will have to escape from the house where Ruby’s parents were murdered, trying to avoid meeting with the toy. In the game, his form is constantly changing, becoming more and more creepy. Sometimes it becomes less anthropomorphic, and more like a spider, a shadow, or just a giant head.

He also has different abilities such as strength and speed, this is noticeable when he breaks through walls, trying to grab a girl, or very quickly moves around the house. He also knows how to create illusions, like Ruby’s grandmother that he made to lure the girl, and imitate the voices of other people, for example, the voice of Jenna, Ruby’s mother, as well as an impeccable ear, thanks to which he understands where Ruby is at one time or another.

The first part has three endings. In the first one, if Ruby goes back to bed, the rabbit is going to find her. In the second, he will watch her from the window when the police pick her up. And in the third, the girl can start a fire as a result of which the rabbit will look at her from the window of a burning house. And now the question arises, will there be the third part and will a toy appear in it?

How Rabbit Got to Esther

The second part of the game tells about the childhood of Ruby’s grandmother, who lived in an orphanage. On one day, the children were presented with different toys, including the main antagonist of the game, Mr. Hopps Playhouse. In the process of playing, the player learns that the toys are controlled by the evil creature called The Entity, who will have to fight, hiding from the toys of the rabbit, the tiger Mr. Stripes and Miss Bo’s pandas.

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