Mr.Hopps Playhouse 2

In the second part of the game, Mr. Hopps Playhouse events unfold around Ruby’s grandmother, Esther, for whom the player will play.

Mr. Hopps Playhouse 2 takes place in Blacklands Manor Orphanage, where Esther lived. The game begins with the main character having a nightmare that continues to torment her further along with the plot.

When the girl wakes up, she and her friends receive toys from the donation box. This is where the first meeting with a toy rabbit takes place. There are other toys in the box. This is the tiger Mr. Stripes, taken by Esther’s friend Isaac, and panda Miss Bo, who belongs to Molly, her friend.

Strange things start to happen at the orphanage, even one of the girls, Dee, mentions that some kind of evil has appeared in the house. In general, the rabbit begins to move around the building and terrible anthropomorphic creatures walk around the rooms.

Esther will have to deal with what is happening here, and will also try to save the others from the Entity and ??? that has settled in the house.

In general, there are four options for the outcome of events in the game.

So, in the first ending, the orphan may just let things go by themselves and not bother at all about what is happening.

In the second ending of Mr. Hopps Playhouse, the girl can run away from the orphanage.

The third one tells that the girl leaves the house and finds the rabbit outside, after which she forgets absolutely everything that happened to her. Esther becomes the only survivor of the orphanage.

And the last ending of the game, which is true, shows that the girl will be able to defeat the Entity and ??? with the help of medallions that players can get after playing mini-games, all residents of the house remain alive. In the end, the player sees the adult Esther behind, to whom a rabbit appears. You can learn about what happened next from David’s tapes, which Ruby finds in the first part.

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