Mr.Hopps Playhouse 2021

Mr. Hopps Playhouse game was released in 2019 and loved by many fans of the horror genre.

Meet Your New Toy, Ruby

In the first part of the game, Mr. Hopps Playhouse, the player will play as Ruby. The girl had to escape from the house from the rabbit, which her grandmother gave her shortly before her death.

You can learn more about Esther, the grandmother, from the tapes that Ruby’s dad recorded. Here are all tape locations in order to find them: not far from the parent’s bedroom, in the upper HALL, not far from the front door, in the kitchen, attic, in the parent’s room.

To escape, the girl has to find the key, avoiding the terrible rabbit that wanders around the rooms in an attempt to catch the main protagonist of Mr. Hopps Playhouse.

Then, the girl has two options for the outcome of events in the game, when she escapes, either she simply leaves the house and the police take her away, or she burns the building to the ground with the toy.

New Part Two Years Later

Further, in 2021, the development studio released the second part, in which the player plays Esther. The game tells about the girl’s childhood and how the rabbit Mr. Hopps.

The game takes place at Blacklands Manor Orphanage in 1957! Ruby’s grandmother was an orphan and lived there with the rest of the children. One day Miss Beverly brought the children toys from a charity. On this day, Esther meets Mr. Hopps, as well as Molly and Miss Bo, Isaac and Mr. Stripes.

The kids liked the toys and all was good until night fell. Esther noticed that her rabbit was nowhere to be found, so she went to look for him.

With the advent of toys, something strange began to happen in the house. The toy was constantly moving around the orphanage, giant humanoid rabbit, tiger and panda wandered the corridors and rooms, as well as the scary creatures from her nightmares, The Entity and his ally ???, constantly appearing in front of the girl.

Now Esther will have to decide to let everything take its course or resist evil, trying to collect all the medallions in order to get the true ending, in which all her friends survived, and she lived a peaceful life. Or… she will forget about everything that happened and will be the only one who survived among all the children.

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