Mr.Hopps Playhouse 3

The game is currently in two parts. Many fans of the horror genre liked the game, so now many players are wondering whether Mr. Hopps Playhouse 3 or not?

The first part told about the girl Ruby, who was trying to escape from the house when she noticed that a large humanoid rabbit began to walk around her house, which a couple of minutes ago was an ordinary toy. It is known that the toy rabbit was given to the girl by her grandmother Esther, about whose life you can find out in more detail in the second part and about the last weeks of life from the tapes recorded by Ruby’s father.

In the second game, as mentioned above, the player learns about Esther’s life in Blacklands Manor Orphanage, where she got a toy rabbit. But unlike the first, Esther has to hide not only from Mr. Hopp but also from the tiger Mr. Stripes and panda Miss Bo whose owners are Esther’s friends Molly and Isaac.

Also, as a result of passing the second part, it becomes known that behind everything that happens there is an evil creature named The Entity and his ally ???.

In the true ending of the second part, it is shown that the elderly Esther is sitting at her house when an evil creature suddenly appears behind her. Then the events from Ruby’s story begin.

The true ending of the story about Esther’s granddaughter shows that Ruby burns the house to the ground along with the rabbit, so now the question arises, if there is a third part of Mr. Hopps Playhouse, will the rabbit appear in it again, which could escape the fire or not? Or will it be about another toy that Entity will also control? Or can we expect the return of the toy tiger and panda that can no longer pursue these characters, but for example, Ruby’s daughter or granddaughter?

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