Mr.Hopps Playhouse Esther

Mr. Hopps Playhouse Esther is one of the characters in the game. For her, the player will be able to play in the second part of the game Mr. Hopps Playhouse.

In the first part, the tapes are referred to as the grandmother of Ruby who is the main protagonist of the first part. It is mentioned that it was she who gave this terrible toy rabbit to her granddaughter, and it is also said that she died as a result of an illness. The player can see her as an illusion at the end when the toy tries to catch Ruby.

Events Long Before Ruby

The second part of the game is dedicated to Esther. The story revolves around her childhood and how this creepy rabbit fell into her hands.

So, the game begins with Esther having a nightmare. Further, throughout the story, she continues to be tormented by bad dreams.

The player meets friends of the girl named Molly and Isaac. Later, the children are brought toys, where Molly gets a toy panda called Miss Bo, Isaac gets the tiger Mr. Stripes and the main character Mr. Hopps.

In Mr. Hopps Playhouse 2 the main character will have to escape from a terrible creature called The Entity that controls toys. There is some information about him in one of the books that can be found at the orphanage. In the process, the girl will find medallions that can lead the player to a good ending, where Ruby’s grandmother can defeat evil creatures. Then her friends return, and they continue to live normal lives.

But, otherwise, if the orphan fails to collect all the medallions, then in the end she will remain the only survivor of all, since the others are gone, and she will not remember anything.

A year after the events in Blacklands Manor Orphanage, she has a daughter, Jenna, and later, a granddaughter, Ruby. In detail about her death and the previous days before it, in the tapes recorded by her son-in-law David, the player can find out a lot of interesting things, for example, that grandmother Nana, as Ruby called her, ended up dead rather strangely since there was no reason for this, or that Nana’s neighbors heard screams and much more.

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