Mr.Hopps Playhouse Mobile

Mr. Hopps Playhouse is a two-part horror game, which fans of this genre have loved so much. It is available not only on PC but also on Android and iOS devices, so players can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

Meet Your New Friend

The story unfolds in the first part around a little girl Ruby, who received a creepy toy called Mr. Hopp.

The girl did not particularly like the gift because of the frightening appearance, but her dad persuaded her to leave it in the room. When the light began to blink, the rabbit, sitting motionless before that, disappeared.

Frightened, Ruby ran to her parent’s bedroom, but instead of them, she found only a lot of blood. Deciding to return to her bedroom, she notices a large humanoid rabbit walking around the house looking for her. Now it becomes clear to the player what caused the age rating.

Ruby runs to the front door but later realizes that it is closed. Now she needs to find the key to get out of the house without getting caught by Mr. Hopp. And also collect six tapes in order to learn about what was happening to her grandmother in the last days of Esther’s life.

Mr. Hopps Playhouse has three different endings, so based on the player’s actions, he can either get caught by a rabbit or run away from home with two different outcomes.

Save the Orphans

In the second part of the game, the player will play as Ruby’s grandmother. Or rather, for little Esther, who lives in the orphanage. There she receives a rabbit toy, and her friends Molly and Isaac get a panda and a tiger.

Meanwhile, with the advent of toys, something strange begins to happen at the orphanage. Also, one of the orphans called Dee said that some evil appeared in the house.

Now Esther needs to figure out what is happening, because not only evil creatures walk around the house, but also nightmares torment the girl.

She has four options for the outcome of events in Mr. Hopps Playhouse, and what exactly happens depends on her decision.

If she follows the path of the true ending, then she will have to collect all the medallions in order to defeat the evil that controls the toys, as well as save all the inhabitants of the orphanage for children.

Or she may choose a different path. For example, to run away before the start of all the terrible events or to not take any action at all and let everything go by itself.

If Esther fails to collect all the medallions, then she will have to run away from the Entity and ??? and when she leaves the orphanage, she will forget everything and become the only survivor of the accident at Blacklands Manor Orphanage as mentioned on the news.

So it’s up to you to decide what happens to Ruby and Esther. Take your phone and plunge headlong into the world of Mr. Hopps Playhouse.

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