Mr.Hopp’s Playhouse

The first part of the game Mr. Hopps Playhouse tells the story of the main protagonist named Ruby who received a creepy toy bunny as a gift from her grandmother Esther.

The game consists of thirteen tasks that the player has to complete in sequence in order to get one of the endings. Also in the process, the girl will be intimidated by the jumpscares, so be ready for them.

So, the girl needs to get to her parent’s room. She decides to do this after the toy bunny disappears from her room. But when the girl comes, she sees that the whole bed is covered with blood, and the parents have vanished.

Then the girl decides to go back to her bedroom, but on the way she notices a large anthropomorphic rabbit wandering through the rooms.

Now Ruby decides to leave the house as soon as possible. To reach the front door, she needs to hide from the bunny so as not to get caught by him. But when she reaches her final destination, it turns out that the door is closed. After that, she hears the cry of her mother, Jenna.

The search for mom is unsuccessful. As a result, David and Jenna’s daughter decides to go to the basement when she finds the key to it. After all, she finds a record player.

Now the protagonist has to find tapes scattered all over the place, in which David, the dad, talks about what happened to her grandmother in the coming months before Esther’s death and the events taking place at the moment.

Next, Esther’s granddaughter has to find the key to open the closet in the parents’ bedroom to take a slingshot. The closet contains a safe that opens with a code that is located in the kitchen. The code is the date on the calendar.

After that, Ruby starts searching for Mr. Hopps to finally get rid of him. In order to defeat him, you need to shoot him five times. After this, he disappears and all seems to be good.

Now the daughter of David and Jenna can only leave the house, but the spirit of her grandmother calls out to her. You should not trust her, as this turns out to be an illusion created by the bunny. Esther transforms into a giant rabbit who wants to play with Ruby.

Consequences of Actions

Now, based on what actions were taken during the passage, the player can go to three different endings.

In the first one, David and Jenna’s daughter will return to bed, where the toy is going to find her and it is a bad ending of the game Mr. Hopps Playhouse.

The main protagonist decides to run away from the house, where she will be met by the police in the second ending. Looking back at the house, she will see a rabbit standing in the window and watching her.

In the third one, if the main character in the game sets fire to the cloth that is in the living room, then the current location will catch fire, she is going to watch the fire outside and the rabbit that burns in it.

Where Did The Rabbit Come From?

The players liked the first part of Mr. Hopps Playhouse and therefore two years later came the second part, in which they have to play for the grandmother of the main character. The story tells about Esther’s childhood and how she received the bunny, as well as other toys Mr. Stripes and Miss Bo, and an evil creature The Entity who is at the center of everything that happens.

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