One Hour With Mr. Hopp

One Hour With Mr. Hopp is a horror game with fairly simple point-and-click controls. Unlike the original game, this one is only available on Windows.

The game is very similar to Five Nights at Freddy’s since there is the main antagonist who needs to be driven away by the player and the classic arrangement of locations where he can appear, for example, two doors on the sides.

The main protagonist is in a cute pink room. The lights are off in the bedroom, but the character has a flashlight with which he or she can search for the toy rabbit from Mr. Hopps Playhouse.

When the player notices a giant anthropomorphic rabbit, he or she needs to direct a flashlight at this toy to scare him away, otherwise, the antagonist will scare the protagonist and attempt to stay alive will be over.

The doors to the room, the window and under the bed are places where the toy rabbit can hide, so the main character needs to constantly check them. So you need to be quick and attentive, otherwise, a jumpscare will appear.

So, in total, you need to hold out for one hour. This is about five minutes of real-time. There is an electronic clock on the chest of drawers in the bedroom, so the player has the ability to control the amount of time he or she has left to sit in the room until the end of the game.

In general, the players really liked the first part and left a lot of positive reviews about it, so the release of it came to the fans of the horror genre to taste, as this is an opportunity to see again the beloved character that Ruby pursued in the first part.

Since it took about two years to wait for the new part about Ruby’s grandmother, the players had something to play while waiting. In the new part, the player can just find out about how Esther got the toy rabbit called Mr. Hopp and what happened to her in childhood in Blackland Manor Orphanage after she became the owner of the toy. And is there a problem with the toy rabbit or is someone else involved in everything?

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